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Friday, October 3, 2008

About Goobony


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It has much been debated that a regular computer monitor emits little to no radiation in the form of VLF's and ELF's (Very and Extremely Low Frequencies) and that there is not much reason for alarm.  As a Radiation Therapist, I created Goobony™ a search engine powered by Google™ on the ALARA principal (As Low As Reasonably Achievable). 
For enhanced safety, we have blackened the background and darkened the text so that the energy produced is far less than with a white background.  This also helps to extend the useful life of laptop batteries, as laptops are used more and more each day, because of decreased brightness displayed on your opening page (if you decide to set us as your homepage).
We are also attempting to cut down on the indiscriminate consumption of energy that is going on all over the world.  
Have we lost all perspective on the future of our planet?  
What readily available sources of energy will our grandchildren use when WE have rampantly devoured the world's oil reserves? 
What can we do to stop the madness?
By setting Goobony as your homepage, you are contributing to your own welfare and health by:
1. Decreasing the amount of scatter radiation that some computer monitors produce.
2. Diminishing the strain that white screens place on your eyes.
3. Conserving, little by little, enough energy to make a difference for our future generations.
4. By conserving a little energy every day, you may probably see a reduction on your electrical bill as well.
5. And finally, the useful life of your laptop battery will be extended because of the decreased brightness displayed.
So please, spread the word, tell your friends and family.  Help us SAVE THE PLANET!
If your using Internet Explorer just click on the link below.
If your using Mozilla Firefox click on Tools then click Options and copy-paste  to where it says Home Page
If using SeaMonkey go to Edit then click on Preferences and copy-paste to where it says Location

Set Goobony as Your Homepage

About Goobony

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