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Saturday, October 18, 2008

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Electric lamps need to be bought with the long term thought of energy savings as the selection of electric lamps will definitely affect the utility bill. Compact fluorescent lamps are great energy savers in spite of the initial extra costs. A 25 watt CFL is as bright as a 75 watt (or more) incandescent bulb.They use 25 percent lesser energy than ordinary bulbs and last about ten times longer. CFLs and fluorescent tubes are energy efficient but the only disadvantage is that they cannot be fitted with dimmers. Halogen lamps render the true colour values as the spectrum is white rather than yellow.These lamps can be fitted with dimmers.You could have
them in uplighters which are not used for a long time. A relatively short period of usage may not cause a considerable spike in energy utilisation. LEDs (light emitting diodes) are better than CFLs as they last about ten times longer. In the long run, LED bulbs are good options although they are expensive. LEDs are used typically as task lights as they are focused (directional) lamps. Right now, LED rope lights are common.This can be used within the soffit to create attractive illumination.
Fixtures can be used as decor objects for walls, ceilings, tabletops, and corners. Some low-cost materials like rice paper or cane go well with a minimalist or contemporary decor. Simple globe lights in paper can be used to beautify any corner or space. In case of shades made of rice paper, do not use lamps with high lumen. Glass fixtures, clear or frosted, suit any kind of theme and budget. Clear glass shades are advisable in areas which require brighter illumination.You can even enhance the fixture with glass painting to create a beautiful piece of art. Moroccan metal lamps with cutwork patterns and glass add a wonderful dimension to spaces. Fixtures of wrought iron and other metals are nice to recreate certain themes like rustic, Mediterranean or contemporary. Chandeliers need not be deemed as expensive lighting options. Budget-friendly chandeliers are available in different materials. For instance, a well-crafted chandelier with oyster shells and glass beads on an acrylic frame is a good example of a trendy yet inexpensive chandelier.


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