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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Green Technology: Exelon / PECO - Energy SavingTips


Saving energy means saving money == common sense. 
Know how to get started?  PECO has some ideas for their residential consumers ... including on line calculators to help determine savings and payback times and a PDF format booklet you can download with energy saving tips ...

" ...Take an online room-by-room tour of the ENERGY STAR at home interactive house and learn what you can do to reduce your energy consumption....Calculate your savings with these free Energy Savings Calculators...  Learn more about the benefits of CFLs including the proper methods and locations for disposal....Download an Energy Saver$ booklet, a guide that offers valuable tips to save energy in your home ..."

Via: Exelon / PECO  LINK

Green Technology: Exelon / PECO - Energy SavingTips

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