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Sunday, November 9, 2008

LED Light Bulbs. The Next Generation of Lighting.

LED Light Bulbs. The Next Generation of Lighting.

LED Light Bulbs. The Next Generation of Lighting.

led light bulb - evolux led bulb               5 Watt LED Light Bulb - 75 Watt Replacement               10 Watt LED Spotlight - 100 Watt Replacement

LED Light Bulbs, light-emitting diodes are the future of lighting. The advantages of Led Light bulbs over incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs are: Led Light Bulbs have a life cycle upwards of 60,000 hours; Led Light Bulbs are extremely durable and are built inside of a solid package also known as solid state lighting. Durable Led Light Bulbs have no fragile filaments to break from shaking and rattling. Led Light Bulbs consume only 1.5 to 15 watts of electricity that’s 1/3 to 1/30th of incandescent or CFL light bulbs. You will start saving immediately with Led Light Bulbs not to mention Led Light Bulbs are cool to touch so the applications of Led Light Bulbs are endless!

Here is more on the specific LED Light Bulbs available today: 

Evolux 13 Watt Led Bulb - 100 Watt Replacement:

led light bulb - evolux led bulb  
See the Evolux LED light bulb at Earthtech Products

Breakthrough LED Technology
Presenting EvoLux, the most powerful direct replacement LED bulb available. Using a breakthrough light engine, the EvoLux allows for the first time, the opportunity for every general lighting application to be replaced with an LED bulb. No more hassle and worries about breaking CFL’s, no more wasted electricity on inefficient incandescents, take the leap to the next generation in lighting with EvoLux.
In order to create an LED light bulb that can compete head to head with both CFL and high wattage incandescents, we started with the latest generation CREE light engine. We then added a revolutionary active cooling system that employs a silent internal fan to cool the heatsink. The entire housing is encased in ABS plastic to always ensure that the body of the EvoLux is cool to the touch. Combining these technologies allow us to run the LED light chip at a high enough power output to provide amazing, room light that will fill a room.

Light Engine: 13 Watt CREE Power LED Light engine
Luminous Flux: 900 lumens
Physical Dimensions: Overall Length – 4.47 in, Length from Base of Socket – 4.08 in, Diameter – 2.55 in
Beam Angle – 180 degrees overall
Construction: ABS Main Housing, Frosted Dispersion Lens, Active Thermal Management
Fits standard screw in sockets
Active Thermal Management: Runs Cool, Stays Cool
Will Not Shatter
No Flickering, No Headaches
2 Year Manufacturer Warranty      


5 Watt LED Light Bulb - 75 Watt Replacement:

5 Watt LED Light Bulb - 75 Watt Replacement

See the 5 Watt LED Light Bulb at Earthtech Products

Save BIG With a 5 Watt LED Light Bulb

With a 5 Watt LED you save huge; not only on your electricity bill, but also on replacement bulb costs. The 5 Watt LED Light Bulb gives off the same amount of light as a 75 watt incandescent bulb but lasts for 11 years kept on for 8 hrs a day! During its 11 year life a 5 Watt LED light costs $80 to run (including cost of bulb), while an incandescent bulb costs over 5 times more and needs to be replaced more than 50 times.

The 5 Watt LED light is efficient and cost effective
The 5 Watt LED Light Bulb is the most powerful direct replacement bulb
Provides light equivalent to a 75 Watt incandescent light bulb
The 5 Watt LED Light Bulb fits standard sockets


10 Watt LED Spotlight - 100 Watt Replacement: 

10 Watt LED Spotlight - 100 Watt Replacement

See the 10 Watt LED Spotlight at Earthtech Products

XR-10 uses a E27 Screw base to allow it to fit into any light socket. The XR works best in applications where it is installed facing down or at an object. As the XR-10 produces no UV radiation, it is a great bulb to use for the illumination of photographs or works of art where UV can fade or destroy these objects.

The XR has a life span of over 50,000 hours meaning you will be able to enjoy its amazing light output and energy cost savings for over 11 Years! On the other hand the incandescent that is in its place now will need to be replaced over 50 times in the same time frame.

General Illumination, Museums, Art Galleries, Display Cases where no UV output is desirable. The XR is meant to be installed facing downward or upward and aimed at an object or wall to allow its highly focused beam of light to be most usable.

Light Engines: CREE 10Watt
Luminous Flux: 400 lumens
Physical Dimensions: Overall Length – 3.5 in, Length from Base of Socket – 2.51 in, Diameter – 2.709 in
Beam Angle – 100 Degrees
Lifespan: >50,000 Hours
Construction: Aluminum Main Housing, Copper Heat Extractor, Optical Grade Polished Lens
Base Types Available: E27.
Cost to run for one year* - $4.30
*Calculated assuming 12 Hours a day operation, 365 Days a Year with .10 KWh Electricity Cost
Powered by CREE LED Light the most advanced light engines available. CREE is the world leader in advanced LED modules.
CE Listed & RoHS compliant
Produces No UV or IR Radiation
Input Voltage: 85~240V AC

All of the above Led Light Bulbs and many other models are available at Earthtech Products LED Light Bulb - LED Lights Page

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Wanda said...

I bought LED lights to replace my halogen MR16 bulbs the other day from a website called that I would recommend enthusiastically. They had good service (good phone and email support), great FAQs so I knew what I needed, and competitive prices; also, their shipping was fast and the LEDs were as good as advertised. Excellent ecommerce site