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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Siemens India - Did You Know

Siemens India - Did You Know

Usually power is generated miles away from where it is consumed. One of the greatest challenges is getting the power to where it is needed with minimal losses. The Siemens HVDC technology helps transmit bulk power efficiently over long distances with minimal losses.

A case in study is the Siemens powered “East-South” long-distance high-voltage DC transmission (HVDC) link in India that transmits 2500MW of power from Talcher in Orissa to Kolar in Bangalore - a distance of 1450kms (900 miles). Compared to the normal norm of 97 per cent efficiency this link operates at an astounding efficiency of 99 per cent. This 2 per cent enhanced efficiency results in an annual saving of Rs 1800 crore.

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