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Sunday, April 11, 2010

20 ways to save on your Utility Bills | Buy Weather Stripping

20 ways to save on your Utility Bills | Buy Weather Stripping

bills can consume a large portion of his salary. Would not it be nice if 25-50% less to pay these bills? There are a number of ways possible. Do not worry you will not find any low flow toilets on this list!

# 1 Change your light bulbs - CFLs use approximately 25% of electricity of normal bulbs and last for years. You can not work with dimmers, but you can replace most of their bulbs and save a significantAmount of light.

# 2 Check your insulation - Go into your attic. Your insulation covers on all 2x4? If you do not have enough. With a well insulated house will save a significant amount of value in the heating and cooling bills and the price. It 's also the type of project the average home can do.

# 3 Add sealing and weather stripping - Is your home drafty? Look at your door opens, the light does not shine? Feel around the edge ofThe windows, you feel a cool breeze or warm? You need to add caulk and weather stripping. It allows you to save money and help get rid of these annoying hot and cold spots in your home.

# 4 Fix leaky faucets - I'm sure you also have a small drop in the sink is a pool to fill in a year. You can also drain your bank account. Solving this problem is usually as simple as replacing a washer 50 cents.

# 5 fan - with a gentle breeze can usually turnAC a degree or two equally comfortable. And 'much cheaper to run the fan running on the network so friendly.

# 6 Turn off the computer - the power of 300 watts to power your computer when not in use to continue to consume. Turn off your computer when you are done with him. If this is too much of a hassle, set to activate the screen saver settings on your computer in standby mode when inactive. This is a low-power mode lets you quicklyWork where you left off when you are ready to use the computer.

# 7 Switch to LED Christmas lights - think Christmas lights are not that many are possible, but if a sufficient number of small lights, which adds very quickly. 25-watt light bulb 50 is standard for connection of wires 10 that are looking for 250 watts, probably running 24 / 7 Christmas lights use LED bulbs, which use 80% -90% less electricity and more bright. It is also yourthe lights when you go to bed.

# 8 Get a computer with LCD monitor - you are still using an old style CRT monitor for your computer? Change to the LCD, which consumes 25% less power than one dimension of CRT monitors. Looking for a good excuse to change at all.

# 9 Skip to tankless water heater - I'm surprised how few people even know the existence of tankless water heaters. These water heaters do not store hot water, but the instant heat whenever younecessary. Consume an incredible amount of energy when in use, but ends up being much cheaper too much energy during the time required minor maintenance of hot water 24 / 7 to consume hot.

# 10 Filter change - This changes the filter on your AC / heating units each spring and autumn, when would you accept? Wrong! Most filters are designed only for 30 days. Filters are cheap, so that change frequently. The efficiencies gained heating and cooling your home will be worth itthe same.

# 11 Install a programmable thermostat - These are fairly inexpensive and easy to install. Why pay more to cool your house while you go to work? Do you really need to have the same temperature during sleep, when you awake? Programming that you can make these adjustments automatically saving every day.

# 12 Take (short) showers instead of baths - Maybe one day. Unplug this bathtub and shower as usual. When you're done, lookthe water level. This is probably one quarter of the way complete. This is the amount of water, energy for heating water in the shower instead of bath. If you shorten your shower, even better.

# 13 goes from the phone company - Remember those "We do not, we're the phone company" Saturday Night Live Show in the '70s? Not anymore. Now they have competition from cable companies, wireless providers and Internet phone companies. Look around and canprobably find a better offer. If you do it with the phone all the time, maybe even able to phone home.

# 14 additional TV channels Cancel - Deposit $ 50-150 per month for 500 channels, but in the end only the networks? Remove the extra channels and save some money. If there is a show that took on one of these other sites, why pay for a program to download from iTunes or elsewhere instead.

# 15 has AC Maintenance - If your efforts to CALiving in the summer, maybe get a good idea will be carried out maintenance work. Low Freon may significantly affect the efficiency of AC units. Thus, grass and other debris.


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