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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Incandescent Light Bulbs vs. Compact Fluorescent Lighting

Incandescent Light Bulbs vs. Compact Fluorescent Lighting: "Goodbye Incandescent Light Bulbs… Energy-Efficient CFL’s Are The Future
by David Fessler, Energy and Infrastructure Expert
Friday, April 9, 2010: Issue #1235
In 2012, one of the most common household items will go the way of the dodo.
Instead of lighting up living rooms across America, the trusty incandescent light bulb will have a new home in the Smithsonian. Right next to Alexander Graham Bell’s original telephone and Marconi’s radio.
After December 31, 2011, the federal ban on the 100-watt incandescent light bulb will take effect. Two years after that, the 60-watt and 40-watt versions will disappear from stores, too.
And the remarkable thing?
A massive 82% of Americans are totally unaware that this will happen.
So what’s the deal here? In short, it’s all about energy efficiency…"


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