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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The lighting of large spaces with energy-saving lamps - ENERGY STAR Light Fixtures

The lighting of large spaces with energy-saving lamps - ENERGY STAR Light FixturesGreen Light Bulbs reduce energy consumption

Outside faucets are available in different configurations and lighting are three main objectives: security lighting, accent lighting and lighting convenience. some cases,the devices perform only in double or even triple duty.

The largest savings, both in dollars and COEmissions are the simplest sensor implemented by installing energy saving light bulbs in all fixtures are the From Dusk Till Dawn-to-be enlightened, but the movement is not controlled by one. This could be a beacon in front of the driveway or rear axle or a pair of decorative sconces or lanterns in between the main entrance. Post lights are often set on fire all night, too. If you're like us, you get peace of mind knowing that these lights do at home are very busy, whileSleep.

The choice of energy-saving bulbs with maximum efficiency for the desired amount of light is to reduce energy consumption and are more green impact. Consider this comparison: the first, we have a traditional light bulb (incandescent) lamp and the other an energy-efficiency. A 60-watt and 850 lumens, the efficiency of a light bulb that only 14 lumens per watt, with an annual consumption of 2,920 hours (8 hours / day). The annual cost of light? – Approx $ 20, but with CO2 emissions of around 349 pounds. Now take a 15-watt energy efficient bulb. Even if there is a lower performance and consumes less energy, the production of light is the same. Lumen are not improved to 825, and the efficiency to 55 lumens per watt. The annual costfor lighting drops $ 15, and CO2 emissions are almost three-quarters less.

$ 15 annual savings per socket is all you need to upgrade to> Energy efficient lightbulbs to reduce energy consumption. Your investment will pay a year in less energy efficiency. Regarding CO2 emissions, a reduction of 75% will not harm your eco-conscience.


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