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Monday, October 11, 2010

:: Deccan Chronicle ePaper ::

:: Deccan Chronicle ePaper ::
E-waste dumpers to be punished
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Get ready to be served a legal notice if you're found dumping your mobile phone or any other appliances in the bin. One is supposed to hand over all e-waste generated in the house to companies authorised to dispose them.
The Ministry of Environment has already brought out the e-waste draft rules which will be implemented within a few months. "As of now, ewaste is not segregated and is taken along with degradable waste," GHMC Waste Disposal management official Ashwini Kumar says. A total of 6,000 kg of e-waste is generated in Hyderabad every day and at present only two companies have the licence to dispose and dismantle the same. One of these companies Ramky, handled 50,000 kgs e-waste last month from Hyderabad alone. "We received the certificate to dismantle them last month and since then have scientifically handled e-waste," says Shubhashish of Ramky. The problem is that most people are not aware of the consequences of ewaste to the environment. "Most e-waste is disposed non-scientifically. Dismantling mobile phones can expose people to fumes that can cause skin cancer," Bhaskar Rao says.

Richa, a student of St. Francis College agrees, "My brother just threw his old phone when he got a new one. Most youngsters are not even aware of the consequences


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