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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome to

Welcome to


SunBorne Energy, funded by General Catalyst and Khosla Ventures, is set to make solar power affordable and widespread across India. Over the next three years, SunBorne will deploy over Rs 1,500 crores in over 100 MW's of utility-scale solar plants, and develop sites across India for several Giga-Watts of solar power. The company is partnering with MNRE on an R&D project to indigenise and decrease the cost of solar plants. Over the next decade, it plans to cut the costs in half, making solar power competitive with other sources. SunBorne's affordable solar power can help India grow without risking the environment or energy security.
Indosolar is one of India's leading manufacturer for photovoltaic cells. The company started its operations in the year 2008. It started producing high-efficiency multi-crystalline cells on its first manufacturing line of 80 MW during July 2009. Subsequently, the company started its second manufacturing line of 80 MW during March 2010 making the total installed capacity at 160 MW. The company further plans to increase its production capacity to 260 MW by the year 2011 by installing another line of 100 MW from the proceeds of its recently concluded IPO. It has recently been listed on the NSE and BSE. Located in Greater Noida, UP, Indosolar is fabricated over an area of 300,000 sqft and can accommodate a maximum of four fully automated production lines. Indosolar will also set up a strong R&D centre in association with global partners to continuously improve the efficiency of its PV cells.

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