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Monday, January 17, 2011

tAking the solAr industry Beyond grid PArit

executive overview
grid Parity is achievable today. the entire solar industry is in a race to grid parity. While the various enterprises comprising the solar value
chain compete to be the long-term business winners, the industry is competing to be a long-term sustainable energy alternative. in this
chapter of our eBook, we look specifically at the challenges of the solar industry and the extent to which Camstar’s Advancing Product
Quality (APQ) model allows the achievement of grid parity today.
As we consider the potential routes to grid parity, we focus first on the design and manufacturing segments of the solar supply chain.
We simplify the routes to two basic methods for lowering Cost/kWh:
1. significantly reduce the cost of current operations
2. Bring new, more cost-effective technologies to volume more rapidly.
We find that the APQ model developed in Chapters 1 and 2 directly drive down Cost/kWh, and allows the achievement of both routes
to grid parity simultaneously. specifically, the APQ Model

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