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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Energy Deficiency or Energy Inefficiency? |

Energy Deficiency or Energy Inefficiency? |

Everyone talks about how natural reserves will eventually deplete. Wars have been fought in the name of oil, thousands killed and a lot more sacrificed. However, when a simple energy demand is not met, the people will react in the only way that they know-and that is to riot.

It is fascinating to observe that in a country like Pakistan, where load shedding has become a norm, people still continue to leave their lights on, their air conditioners running (like there is no tomorrow) and use appliances despite the fact that majority of the nation does not have access to rudimentary electrical sources. Instead of also launching mass campaigns to influence change in lifestyle, there are talks about renewable energy projects. Indulgences in alternative supplies are being entertained.

Pakistan has a diverse topographical terrain that is composed from the mountainous region of the north to the fertile plains of the Indus to the desert division of the Thar and ends with the Arabian coastline in the south. The potential to be self sufficient is existent, especially with substitute energy resources in abundant supply. However, the ability to harness the power of water energy, solar, wind, and waste is to be developed and sustained. It is estimated that there are adequate reserves to produce approximately 40000 mw of hydro-electricity. However, presently it only generates 8000 mw of electricity. To encounter this problem with efficacy, it is imperative to influence a positive change in mind set for the common man to accept that there is a problem, and to work together towards a practical solution.

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