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Saturday, April 10, 2010

LED Lights in Fluorescent Form Factor

LED Lights in Fluorescent Form Factor

Incandescent lamps have become almost obsolete and will be taken off the market in a few years in most parts of the world because new lighting regulations stipulate a higher efficiency than they can possibly offer.

Replacement with LED lights is a good option, since these have become powerful enough to replace current light bulbs, have become dimmable too and use only a fraction of the energy of traditional lights. And it makes sense to replace (compact) fluorescent lamps with LEDs, because they offer a considerable increase in efficiency, hence saving energy. There are also situations where fluorescent lighting doesn’t perform very well, for instance in cold environments. LED lighting wouldn’t have a problem there.

While LED light manufacturers have mainly focused on traditional bulbs so far, they are now bringing out solutions in atraditional fluorescent form factor as well. This means that you can easily replace your fluorescent lamp with an LED light in seconds without changing the fixture.

One of the manufacturers is posilight, who seem to focus on applications in refrigerators, for instance in food stores. Besides operating better at low temperatures than fluorescent lights, another advantage of LED lights is that they generate less heat themselves, thereby reducing your cooling requirements: A win-win.

The posilight Legacy e exists in T12, T10 and T8 fluorescent form factors. The light is not directional, similar to a normal fluorescent tube, making it a perfect replacement


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