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Monday, September 20, 2010

Energy Efficiency: The Significance | Emerging Technologies Magazine

Energy Efficiency: The Significance | Emerging Technologies Magazine

Energy and water are considered to be the two critical issues that can determine the very survival of our planet. If action is not taken to replace non-renewable sources such as fossil-fuel based energy with renewable sources such as sunlight and wind, we might find ourselves going back in time to the days when animal and human energy dominated daily life. And this time around, the world would also be a very unpleasant place with completely unpredictable climate, caused by all the global warming caused by the greenhouse gases.

Energy efficiency is one way to tackle the energy issue. Energy efficiency can come through more efficient use of energy, i.e. reducing the energy needed to provide products and services, e.g. using CFL lamps instead of incandescent lights. It can also take the forms of more efficient conversion of energy, i.e. producing more useful energy output from the same input and conscious efforts to conserve energy by eliminating wastage and higher efficiency in using the energy, e.g. switching off the lights when you leave the room.

With all the media attention that the topic of energy efficiency receives, it has caught popular fancy. The market for energy efficiency products and services is burgeoning. One Dow Jones report mentions that during 2009, energy efficiency ventures got nearly one-third of all the clean-tech funding, with more and more private companies focusing on developing green and efficient technologies.

In the U.S. military establishments and government buildings are excellent targets for energy efficient products and services. Actually, any business can increase its profits by reducing energy consumption and bringing down costs of operation.

An energy efficiency report from Market Publishers looks at the technologies and strategies to improve energy efficiency.


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