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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bhujangadev- Pledge to be more energy efficient this Earth Day


Bhujangadev- Pledge to be more energy efficient this Earth Day

Brian T. Castelli via 
4:30 AM (5 hours ago)

to me

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Dear Bhujangadev,
The change in weather is a great reminder of how being energy efficient – doing more with less energy – benefits you, our country, and especially the world we live in.
With Earth Day just a few days away, we hope that all of our friends will take the pledge to be energy efficient on our Facebook page. If we all pledge to take small steps, like changing out our wasteful light bulbs, together we can reduce domestic carbon pollution to the equivalent of removing 14 million cars from our roads each year.  We can have a cleaner, healthier earth, every day and every year, simply by being energy efficient.   
And what better occasion than Earth Day for us all to take this simple pledge to be energy efficient and post it on the Alliance’s Facebook page.
You can create your own pledge or use one of the three examples below, but in either case, please add the hash tag #AllianceEarthDay2013 at the end.
  • I pledge to replace incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient halogens, CFLs, and/or LEDs that save 25% – 75% or more over the old-style bulbs.
  • I pledge to take energy efficient actions each day, such as washing my clothes in cold water and making sure the tires on my car are properly inflated.
  • I pledge to purchase ENERGY STAR appliances that can save up to 30% on electricity bills.
Better lighting options, washing your clothes in cold water, using ENERGY STAR appliances, and keeping the tires on your car properly inflated, are just a few of the simple ways we can take care of our planet.  Take the pledge today and get started on making a difference!
Thank you for taking the time to make Earth Day 2013 a cleaner, healthier one.
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Brian Castelli
Brian T. Castelli
Executive Vice President
Programs and Development
P.S. Be sure and use #AllianceEarthDay2013 after you write out your pledge. Then check back to see what others have pledged!

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