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Friday, April 19, 2013


Solar power in Secretariat soon


Hyderabad: With a view to promote solar power as a way out to ease the power crisis, the state government has decided to install solar panels on rooftops and parking lots in D and H Blocks of the state Secretariat on a pilot basis. Plans are afoot to extend the installation of solar panels to other government buildings in a phased manner.
    About 270 KW of solar power can be tapped from 4000 square meters space available in D 
Block and about 90 KW power from 1300 square meters space available in H Block. During working hours, the solar power can be utilized directly and beyond office hours the solar power generated will be sent to the grid through the net metering arrangement.
    At a meeting held here on Thursday, chief secretary Minnie Mathew stressed the need to install solar panels in the Secretariat so that the government departments can become a model to the others and instructed the concerned officials to come up 
with a proposal to tap the solar power.
    During the meeting, the APTransco officials explained to the chief secretary, the functioning 
of the solar panel system already existing on the terrace of Vidyut Soudha in Khairatabad, which is saving about 90,000 units of energy per annum and bringing about a saving of about Rs 5.40 lakh per annum.(Times of India)

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